SIEMREAP Vasinh Residence’s Community & Plastic Free Campaign


Siemreap Vasinh Residence is proud to be part of the Refill Not Landfill and participate this great initiative instead of giving away complimentary plastic water bottles to our valuable guests in their rooms, we provide the friendly environment of glass water bottles in each guests’ rooms which can be refillable and reusable within our hotel lobby and restaurant during their stay with us.

Cambodia’s problem with plastic is largely due to the tourism industry. We all must take responsibility for our planet and reducing how much plastic we use, especially in countries where there are no stable methods of recycling. We are all responsible for our planet and reducing our footprint while traveling. By boycotting single use bottles, we can make a huge difference, and “TRAVEL RESPOSIBLY”


Within our hotel’s lobby and restaurant, it is available Water Refill Station where our employees and guests can refill the drinking water by their own refillable and reusable water bottles.

We have the high commitment to initiate the monthly cleaning up campaign for the roads with our tourism stakeholders.

We are planting more trees in front and around our hotel’s premise as well as cleanup the plastic bags on the roads with our tourism community and its stakeholders.

Experience The Beauty of Siem Reap Going Greener & Cleaner, Together, We Can Make Big Difference

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